Gears of War: Judgment is about to receive another map pack. The Call to Arms DLC, launching on April 23rd, will provide three additional multiplayer maps along with a new game mode.

"Terminal" takes place in a Halvo Bay train station. "Blood Drive" turns Halo Memorial Hospital into a battlefield. The third and final map, "Boneyard," is a mass graveyard, riddled with unmarked holes and filled mausoleums due to the Locust invasion.

The "Master at Arms" free-for-all mode challenges players' skill with Judgment's weapon selection. You have to get a kill with each of the 20 weapons in the game in order to win. Each kill will advance you to the next weapon. It's similar to Battlfield 3's "Gun Master" mode or Call of Duty: Black Ops' "Gun Game."

Epic and People Can Fly jammed some other bonus content into the DLC as well. Players will be able to pursue 10 new Achievements worth 250G in total. They can outfit themselves with six new armor and gun skins.

The Call to Arms DLC is priced at 1000 Microsoft Points, or $12.50. Alternately, you can pay $20 for the Season Pass. The Pass entitles you to two DLC packs, a set of exclusive skins, and double XP.

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