Just in time for flu season, Creat Studios have announced their latest title, Germinator, which is set to add an infectious twist to the bubble pop genre.

Thanks to the rise of casual games, pretty much everyone should be familiar with the bubble popping and gem matching genres at this point. The screen is filled with multicolored objects and your job is to attach same-colored objects in order to clear them away. In Germinator, those objects are a collection of germs. Connecting three of a kind, however, does not cause the germs to disappear. Instead, connecting same-colored germs causes them to grow bigger and bigger, eventually popping. Each color of germ has its own unique explosion, so figuring out which germs to grow and burst is a big part of the gameplay.

In case that's still confusing, let's take a gander at Germinator in action.

Officially announced via the PlayStation Blog, Germinator offers four modes of gameplay including head-to-head and online functionality. At this point, little else has been revealed about the game.

According to the post, Germinator is headed exclusively to the PlayStation Network sometime near the end of 2012 or early 2013. In the comments, Creat Studios' VP of Development Scott Hyman says that no price point has been determined at this time, but that it will be “on the lower end.” He also states that a Vita port is being discussed, so we'll just have to wait and see how that shapes up, too.

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