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Today Ubisoft announced a load of new information on futuristic military shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. They've provided a detailed list of the game's single-player and multiplayer features. They've also provided some clues about the game's plot.
Experience the Future of War
  • The Ghosts pack the latest and best high-tech military equipment, inspired by actual prototypes.
  • Blend into any environment with mind-bending optical camouflage.
  • An exoskeleton enhances the Ghosts’ physical abilities, allowing them to run, leap, slide and kick farther & faster than any soldier on the field today.
  • Unparalleled physicality and lethal expertise in melee close combat are now at your disposal. Control all-new heavily armed unmanned ground and air combat drones.
  • Unleash large-radius firepower with a personal mortar capable of firing multiple guided rockets simultaneously.
Natural Cooperation
  • Instantly coordinate combat against 360° threats: link-up with your Ghost teammates in a formidable formation at the push of a button.
  • Move-and-shoot-as-one with your friends or AI teammates with no training and no complex orders system.
  • Benefit from your teammates’ high-tech abilities and combine them to unleash the power of an army at the pull of your trigger.
Epic Solo and Co-op Campaign!
  • Join the Ghosts as Kozak, a fresh recruit whose elite unit is the United State’s best and only means of retaliation when a nationalist coup unseats Russia’s legitimate president
  • Experience multiple aspects of the war from the unique perspectives of a high-level bodyguard, an engineer, a civilian and more.
  • Play the single- or split-screen cooperative campaign across multiple theatres as the shadow of global conflict creeps across Northern Europe and beyond.
Fast-Paced, Addictive Multiplayer Mode
  • Link-up for heated 8 vs. 8 adversarial matches and combine the four balanced class abilities, plus drones and individual gear.
  • Seamless ranking progression in Single, Co-op and Adversarial modes: unlock multiple rewards for your Ghost or your Clan.

Future Soldier is expected to hit the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 in Fall 2010. A multiplayer beta will take place this summer on the Xbox 360. Access will be limited to those who purchase the 360 version of another Ubisoft game, Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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