Sony released a new video that has been making the rounds on gaming media websites featuring 30 full minutes of unadulterated, uncensored, unfiltered gameplay from the upcoming God of War: Ascension. By all accounts, this game looks like absolute awesome and the gameplay video is enough to convince any core PS3 gamer to lay down $60 for the title.

Gametrailers has the full-on video that starts from the very beginning and gives you a good glimpse at what's in store with Santa Monica's Ascension. Much like previous God of War titles and Uncharted games, the gameplay – while linear and and streamlined – is as cinematic, gory and entertaining as ever. I'm not going to keep glamorizing the gameplay for you with grandiose words of acclaim, just check it out for yourself.

So what did you think of that gore sandwich? Was the sword slicing too much or just enough? How about that sprinkling of octo-armed sub-boss goodness? The side-order of epic scale and a layer of cinematic destruction really topped it all off. Definitely whet the appetite for Greek mythology gone 100% badass and filled with unbridled destruction.

If you're as pumped up for the game as I am after watching that footage, feel free to learn more by visiting the Official Website. God of War: Ascension is set for release on March 12th next month.

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