God of War: Ascension, like God of War 3, will be available as a part of a special Collector's Edition. Though Sony doesn't have pictures yet, they've revealed its price and contents.

The centerpiece of the Collector's Edition is a Kratos statue. It stands 8" tall and should make your desk look a lot angrier. The game itself comes in a special steel book case. The rest of the extras are digital: the game's soundtrack, a PS3 dynamic theme, and PSN avatars. You'll also get double XP for multiplayer, presumably for a limited time. Sony's also throwing in a free pass for all of the game's future DLC.

The price of this bundle is a mere $79.99. That seems pretty modest, considering the statue and DLC voucher. The voucher by itself might make the CE worthwhile, depending on how much DLC Sony releases for the game. Ascension director Todd Papy said on the PlayStation.Blog that they're planning to deliver a "dedicated post-launch multiplayer experience" to make the DLC pass and double XP valuable extras.

When it comes to Collector's Editions, I'm conditioned to expect something crazier. I would not have raised an eyebrow if Sony had announced a $150 Collector's Edition with a Minotaur-shaped case that you need to rip open with replica Blades of Exile. However, Sony's approach here seems smarter. It's easier to convince gamers to just pay an extra $20.

Ascension will be available on March 12th exclusively on the PS3. For a closer look at the game, check out the new E3 footage.

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