project C.A.R.S. trailer - Speed and Sound. from JonZ on Vimeo.

When has a Project CARS trailer not been visually tantalizing? Well, there are some fuzzy 144p videos on YouTube that fit that description, but for the most part the game is usually always shown off in the best and brightest light possible, and that certainly applies to the latest fan-made trailer for the game called “Speed and Sound”, which is made up entirely of in-game footage.

Instead of having a major marketing company put together flashy AAA-style trailers and spread them throughout the inner circles of video game media websites, the community over at World of Mass Development have been taking to their own devices to help promote and expand the awareness of Project CARS within the gaming community.

One of the most prolific media auteurs in the gaming scene is Jonz, a fellow who has a few video channels scattered amongst the disjointed chaos lands of the interwebs, where he unleashes high-quality, well-made trailers, including the memorable and explosive Awolnation Sail and the unforgettable Taming of the Wild featuring Radiohead.

Quite naturally, this latest trailer of poetic motorized titillation also comes from Jonz, and it focuses on the small moments of robust excitement that occurs on the race tracks between the powerful and almost untameable beasts in motorsport racing.

I love the subtle glimpses into the aesthetic nature of powerful race machines; seeing a little flame here and bent frame there and a ripped-off bumper over there – it's all about the small parts that make up for the big racing moments. It makes it all seem that much more important and I'm glad Slightly Mad Studios is paying a great deal of attention to bringing the racing experience to life like never before.

The biggest worry many gamers have is with the physics, but the studio has already made it known that they're continually tweaking towards perfection. I have no doubt in my mind that they'll get it all sorted out before the early 2014 release. Heck, I was just hoping they fixed up the burnout smoke and they did, so they obviously see what needs to be addressed and they are definitely addressing the serious issues.

This crowd-funded project is set for release on home consoles and PC, and it will sport integrated support for the very popular but very niche Oculus Rift, as well as many of the high-end racing wheels out there on market, so you can experience some of the best racing moments available at a near real-to-life level of authenticity when the game does launch. The only thing you need to do is make sure you have a real gaming rig to handle the title, otherwise you might end up like those people on YouTube with Project CARS videos running at 144p.

Crowd-funding is also still underway to help expand and grow the title, in order to keep the crew working on the game with full production values. If this game catches your fancy with all the right moves in all the right places, you can learn more about the game right now by paying a visit to the official website.

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