It's easy to fall in love with watching Project CARS, and all it takes is a single trailer to get you hooked. As shown above, the latest video from Jonz is just visually edible with a sweet hint of racing rapture. It's like motorized ballet in the form of interactive entertainment and it's such a treat.

DSO Gaming notes that the footage is still from the early alpha builds of Project CARS, and even so the game still looks magnificent. The thing that really makes the game stand out is the impeccable amounts of detail captured for each and every single car featured in the game. It's amazing to see finite structures curved, lined and cropped on each car. For instance, the carbon fiber trimming along the side-rear skirt looks so sexy on that Pagani, that's not to mention that the indented logo on the engine really helps bring the 3D design of the car to life.

Project CARS is a passion project by Slightly Mad Studios that was crowd-funded without any publisher involvement. The game isn't just a racing simulator an exercise in exploring the beauty of motorized vehicular sports racing. There are a number of tracks – many of which are pulled from real-life laser scanning – and locations that will push player's to their absolute limits in both skill and determination against either AI opponents or real-life competitors in the online modes.

The PC version of the game will sport full livery customization as well as detailed spec modifications. Slightly Mad Studios has yet to say how much customization control gamers will have on consoles, but I'm hoping it's enough to satisfy the tuner crowd.

Project CARS is set for release later this year for home consoles and PC. All the footage you've seen of the game has been from the actual community and is not press material from Slightly Mad. Just check out this other video below if the one above wasn't enough to satisfy the quench for more Project CARS.

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