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Speed Wheel 6 MT Racing Wheel For PC, PS3 Launches For $89

The Speed Wheel 6 MT racing wheel from Genius has officially launched in North America for $89.99. That's not too bad a price considering that you're getting a dual force-feedback wheel with manual transmission shifting, wheel mounted gearshifts and rudder pads.

The wheel brings intense and realistic racing properties to your desktop to suit all your racing simulation needs. If you're into arcade racers the wheel is good enough for those and if you're into the more hardcore racing simulators like iRacing or Project CARS, the Speed Wheel 6 MT aims to provide you with the kind of realism to compete with Logitech's G27 racing wheel, save for the missing clutch and separate gearshift mechanic. Then again, you're getting the Speed Wheel 6 for about $160 bucks cheaper.

Anyway, the press release notes that...

All the PS3 buttons are present on the Speed Wheel 6 MT including directional pad, so you will be able to play your games to the fullest. For PC gamers, all buttons on the wheel can be bound in-game to desired functions.The steering wheel and foot pedals of the Speed Wheel 6 MT are slip-resistant for optimal performance in grueling endurance races.

This poor man's racing wheel – that is but isn't all that cheap – will provide you with just the right amount of entry level realism for your racing games without completely breaking your bank.

I'm sure the reviews for this will lambast its lack of G27 awesomeness, but with the price discrepancy I'm imagining that this will focus more on gamers willing to take a dive into a hardcore gaming peripheral without having to spend $250 bucks for a solid piece of hardware.

The Speed Wheel 6 MT is available right now stateside for only $89.99. If you're not sure that the price is worth the admission, then be sure to check around and scope out the reviews first to see how well the wheel handles under specific racing games before taking the plunge. You can learn more about the new wheel by paying a visit to Genius' official website.

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Will Usher

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