Project CARS Sails Away With Awolnation In Latest Trailer

A new trailer for Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming racing simulator Project CARS has gone live featuring music from Awolnation, the popular dubstep song “Sail”. The trailer is just a little over two minutes and does a fantastic job of tying the music to the gameplay, as high-end sports motor vehicles tear up the coastal lines in the fan-made trailer.

Project CARS is sort of a dream project by Slightly Mad Studios that completely bypasses the prehistoric bureaucracy of publisher-based game development. Instead, the studio opted for crowd-funding, enabling fans to help support and offer feedback and design contributions to the project over the course of the game's development.

It's not all roses and daffodils, though. Slightly Mad was recently hint with an investigation from the FCA over potential fraud, but most of the studio members and gamers involved aren't too worried. For now, though, donations have been halted but they're expected to open up soon again.

Anyway, Project CARS is sort of what the design studio had always envisioned to make since they began working on EA's Need for Speed: Shift series. Unfortunately, publisher oversight saw the Shift series receive a lot of dumbed-down gameplay features to keep it “broadly appealing” to casuals. Thankfully, Project CARS will not be dumbed down for people who don't actually care much for hardcore racing simulators, and the game is scheduled to release in early 2014 for PC and home consoles.

You can learn more about Project CARS by visiting the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.