Gran Turismo 6 Infinite Credit Bug Lets You Afford That Jaguar XJ13

If you're tired of paying or playing to earn Gran Turismo 6 credits, there's an easier way to get them. Players have discovered a bug that gives you 20 million credits for little to no effort.

The whole process, described by YouTuber Radical Dreamer, takes just a few minutes as long as you have the 1.01 patch installed and 1,000,000 credits: 1) Buy the Mercedes-Benz Concept from GT Vision 2) Delete your Gran Turismo 6 game data (not your save data) from the cross-media bar. 3) Return to GT6 and sell the car that you just bought. Its model name should be listed simply as "[2055]."

By selling the cart, you'll earn 333,993,856 credits. Or you would anyway, if the game didn't have a money cap far below that. You'll have to get by with a mere 20 million credits. I'm sure you'll live.

This tidy pile of credits will give you just enough money to buy the Jaguar XJ13. If you spend real-world money for these 20 million credits, it would cost you about £119.95 or $196.05. If you didn't plan on using cash to buy credits, you're still saving yourself many hours of racing.

As Radical Dreamer warns, this could ruin the game for you. You're essentially robbing yourself of the main grind of the game. That could put a serious dent in your overall gameplay time. Some of you who would rather move onto different games might find that as a selling point of this cheat, though.

If you're interested in getting these free credits, you should do it soon. Polyphony Digital has strong incentive to fix it quickly. It renders the game's microtransactions obsolete, thereby cutting off a source of revenue.

Normally I'd feel bad for a studio losing out on money but my sympathy's a notch lower when it comes down to microtransactions. They're putting ridiculous, real-world price tags on virtual goods with no actual worth. The way I see it, this bug is just changing the Jaguar XJ13's price to its true worth: nothing.

I do feel bad for players who will have to face off against the sudden influx of high-end cars in multiplayer matches, though. Polyphony will almost certain fix the exploit but will they remove these cars from players' garages as well? Will they even be able to tell whether someone obtained it "legally" or not?

Gran Turismo 6 launched last week exclusively on the PS3. In spite of the game's abundant microtransactions, the racer's managed to score mostly positive reviews.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.