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Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots Confirm Jets, Bicycles

A new trio of screenshots from Grand Theft Auto 5 suggest that the game will be a proper successor to PS2 classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They confirm that bicycles and fighter jets will both be included.

San Andreas was considered the high water mark for the series by many because of how ambitious it was. It featured airplanes, skydiving, hovercraft, helicopters and even a rocket-powered belt. Many of these features were then missing from GTA IV, the first installment for current-gen consoles.

I'm excited for the return of fighter jets and bicycles - and all the trouble that can be had with them - but I'm more excited by what they represent. They were indicative of San Andreas' playful tone. The game had a 90's action movie feel; everything that looked fun and cool was included, even if it stretched believability. The series lost a bit of that spark when it moved to the current generation of consoles. The storylines for GTA IV and their expansions were much more straight-laced. The second expansion, Ballad of Gay Tony, suggested a return to the series' sillier days, though, and I'm glad that GTA 5 seems to be continuing that trend.

GTA 5 takes place in and around the city of Los Santos, one of the three cities featured in San Andreas. The plot hasn't been revealed yet. Perhaps there will be meaningful ties to the Andreas's story but it's too early to say.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.