It looks like the PlayStation Network is about to receive two additions to its PS2 Classics library. The ESRB has rated Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for release on the PS3.

When an older game is re-rated for the PS3 by the ESRB, this generally means it's due for a re-release. For example, the ESRB posted a new listing for Killzone two weeks ago and Sony confirmed afterward that the PS2 shooter was on its way to PSN. It's shockingly common for the ESRB to reveal a re-release before the company has a chance to do it themselves.

As Siliconera notes, there's no listing for GTA: San Andreas. That's a bit of a disappointment, as it was arguably the best of the PS2 GTA games. It's tough to complain about only getting two critically-acclaimed games, though.

Most games released through PS2 Classics tend to be straight ports of the originals. Enhancements like high-definition graphics or Trophies seem unlikely, then. Without an official announcement by Rockstar to go by, though, we can only speculate.

Rockstar celebrated GTA III's 10th anniversary this fall. They commemorated the milestone by releasing a mobile version of the game. Perhaps a PSN re-release was originally going to be part of the 10th anniversary festivities.

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