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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Reveals Los Santos Setting

Today Rockstar Games delivered the promised trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. The open-world crime series will be returning to Los Santos, the fictional equivalent of Los Angeles

The trailer is entirely made up of in-game footage. It shows various sights throughout San Andreas. A wealthy couple does yoga on the balcony of their mansion, body-builders work out at the Muscle Sands gym in Los Santos, and farmers work in a field outside the city. Oh yeah, and some guys in exterminator outfits commit a robbery. Your typical day in GTA.

Obviously the graphics are going to be a point of excitement. My favorite part of the trailer, though, is the brief shot of a fighter jet zipping through the city. Playable airplanes were, if you recall, one of the top items on my wish list for GTA V.

GTA V is due in 2012. Platforms haven't been announced yet.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.