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Gravity Rush may be hitting the PlayStation Vita today, but that doesn't mean your time spent in the city of Hekseville will be over once the credits roll. Game Director Keiichio Toyama announced via the PlayStation Blog plans for thee DLC packs, the first of which is free if you purchase a digital copy of the game through the next week.

In Gravity Rush, players take on the role of Kat, a young woman stricken with memory loss (It's a Japanese game, dontchyaknow) but in possession of fantastic powers that allow her to bend the laws of physics to her will. With the ability to shift gravity, Kat can fly all around the massive world of Gravity Rush, helping citizens and taking out the invading monster hordes.

With a campaign clocking in at a good dozen hours (assuming you take the time to play the challenge missions), Gravity Rush will keep you busy for quite a while. For those who want to get a few more miles out of their latest Vita game, however, there are three batches of DLC inbound, each granting Kat a new outfit and a handful of new missions.

The Spy expansion pack will drop June 26 with the Maid pack landing on July 10. Finally, the Military Pack will be available on July 24. All packs will cost $3.99 apiece through the PlayStation Network. However, if you pick up Gravity Rush on PSN between now and June 19, you'll net the Military Pack free of charge.

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