Slightly Mad Studios, the talented folk behind the less-than-stellar Need for Speed: Shift series is moving away from big brand name logos and a feigned attempt at capturing the arcade audience with a semi-realistic racer by going full-on simulation. Their upcoming game Project CARS is something you probably never heard of but it looks absolutely stunning and there's some new footage to show off just how amazing the game really looks.

Unlike NFS: Shift Slightly Mad has already confirmed and shown off the mechanics for Project Cars as being far more realistic: this time there is no middle ground the game will be a full-blown simulation. What's more is that all the footage you're about to see is from a pre-alpha build.

Pretty intense, eh? Some parts didn't even look like a game. All of the above footage is from the PC version with the settings maxed out.

What's more is that the studio says there will be a console port but no word on whether they mean Sony and Microsoft's next consoles, Nintendo's Wii U or current consoles but it's supposedly planned for a late 2012 release. Of course, if it's for the 360/PS3 expect an extremely stripped down version without all the gloss, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering or all those detailed lighting and shading techniques you see going on in the above video.

The game takes a very different approach to development, though, a lot of the support comes from the community and fellow enthusiasts who are interested in contributing to one of the most realistic looking racing sims ever made.

You can learn more about Project CARS by visiting the Official Website. The game is set for release later this year for PC and consoles.

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