Two additional characters from Guardians Of Middle-Earth were profiled by Warner Bros. today. Eowyn the shieldmaiden and Mozgog the warrior are both durable, melee-oriented fighters but that's about where their similarities end.

Mozgog charges into battle with a large two-handed sword. He can sacrifice his health to increase his damage, or go into a berserker rage that buffs his durability and speed. His Bloodied Blade ability enables him to cause damage to several enemies at once and also instill fear in them.

Eowyn, meanwhile, is more concerned with helping her allies. She can shield allies or even heal them at the cost of her own health. She has an AOE ability as well, called I Am No Man, that stuns and damages nearby foes.

Guardians is a action strategy game with 5v5 matches. Players will have 20 different champions from Lord of the Rings lore to choose from. They'll have to use their champions' unique skillsets to turn back the enemy team and destroy their base.

Warner Bros. will release Guardians on December 4th through Xbox Live and PSN. It's a bit unusual to see a MOBA game targeted toward console gamers rather than the PC audience but then again, who would want to directly compete with League of Legends?

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