Guitar Hero Live is Activision's revitalized and rebooted take on the popular music-rhythm genre. The game has managed to find itself a nice, solid audience and developer FreeStyle Games wants to retain that audience with a bevy of new content and modes, including the new Rival Challenges.

On the official Guitar Hero website, FreeStyle Games art director Jamie Jackson detailed the new Rival Challenges mode; it was implemented in response to all the strong feedback received by the community. According to Jackson, the Guitar Hero forums were brimming with requests for head-to-head multiplayer, so they made it possible to unlock once you reach level 10 or higher.

The developers decided that level 10 was a good kick-off point for the PvP-style mode because gamers, by that point in the game, have become more familiarized with the gameplay, have accumulated some Hero Powers, and established their playercards. It's a little like how MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Allods Online restrict the PvP zones until you hit a certain level, and ensure that the newbies don't step out into the wild and get slaughtered by the veterans.

The Rival Challenges will only occur twice in every half-hour show. This enables players to test their Guitar Hero Live skills in the GHTV mode if they're looking for more than just a local throwdown with a friend or family member.

In a lot of first-person shooter games, developers utilize matchmaking to ensure that players of different skill types aren't matched against each other. These complaints used to reign supreme in Call of Duty and Battlefield. You may have also heard about mismatched competitions often with the soft launch of Heroes of the Storm. FreeStyle Games will avoid that by matching Guitar Hero players of similar levels with each other and forcing the level 10 requirement. So at least the early goings of the one-on-one Rival Challenges should be relatively even.

Of course, I'm sure many gamers out there are curious- what's the point of Rival Challenges? Why would you want to put your reputation on the online against a complete stranger online? Well, there is an extra +100 to your status experience points and you get to add to the pedigree of that almighty playercard of yours.

Speaking of the playercard, there is an added feature where opponents will get to see each other's cards as a match kicks off and on the note highway screen. So you can show off a bit of your own style while facing off against someone else.

Guitar Hero Live is Activision's attempt to get back into the music-rhythm genre after their hiatus. Previously, Activision had Harmonix at the helm of the games but they seem to be doing well with FreeStyle Games heading up the content for the new reboot of the long-running series.

Guitar Hero Live is available right now for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii U and mobile devices.
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