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What do Cthulhu, dragons and liquor smuggling have in common, other than the fact that they will all be an integral part of my next birthday party? They’re all at the heart of various shows available on HBO and, now that the HBO Go app is launching on the PlayStation 3, you can enjoy them whenever you like.

The HBO Go app arrived on the Xbox 360 last year, officially bringing the subscription programming service to game consoles. It’s taken a while to make the jump to the PlayStation 3 but, today, fans of Game of Thrones, True Detective, Boardwalk Empire and more will be able to gorge on their favorite shows whenever they want through their home Sony console. Of course, you still need an HBO subscription to be able to enjoy the app at no additional charge which, depending on your cable provider, will set you back about $15 to $20 a month. How much you enjoy HBO’s library of original programming and movies will determine whether or not that sounds like a sound investment for you.

True Detective is just days away from its finale, so now might be the perfect time to jump on board this bizarre tale of murder, deception and a pair of oddball detectives caught in the mix of a truly bizarre series of events. And then there’s Game of Thrones, which is only a few weeks out from its season four premiere. Again, that’s pretty much perfect timing to plow through the existing 36 or so episodes before the new season gets rolling.

And let’s not forget about classic HBO programming like OZ and The Sopranos or other current hits like Girls. If you’ve already got an HBO subscription, all you have to do is download the HBO Go app on your PS3 later today, sign in, and get to enjoying the programming you want, when you want it. Otherwise, get a subscription and prepare to cover the kids’ eyes against all of the blood, sex and violence being paraded around amidst some of the best television storytelling in recent memory.

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