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Today the first episode of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn was released through the YouTube channel Machinima Prime and Halo Waypoint. The series will set up the story of Halo 4, which launches next month.

Forward takes place at a UNSC military academy and follows a group of cadets as they train to become soldiers. The UNSC is currently locked in a war with insurrectionists at the colonies. Each cadet approaches the prospect of fighting in this war with a different attitude.

The main character in this series is Thomas Lasky. Lasky's brother and mother have led impressive military careers so there are high expectations of him. He has doubts about the war and himself, though. He'll have to grow up quickly, though, when the alien force known as the Covenant attack.

343 Industries mentioned that this series will provide insights into the story of Halo 4 and its multiplayer. Presumably Lasky will appear as an adult in this game.

Five episodes of Forward will be released in total. They'll probably arrive on a weekly basis until Halo 4's launch in November.

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