With Halo 4 just weeks away, 343 Industries has released a making-of video. In the 13-minute video, the development team discusses how they're trying to take the game's multiplayer to the next level.

Unlike previous games, Halo 4 features story-driven multiplayer. Spartan Ops is a series of co-op (or single-player) missions starring Majestic Squad. This squad, part of the crew of the UNSC Infinity, will venture into the world of Requiem to battle Forerunners and Covenant alike.

War Games, meanwhile, is the competitive multiplayer you know and love. Each player creates their own Spartan-IV soldier and dukes it out in simulations on the Infinity's combat deck. Over time these custom soldiers will grow in power and gain distinct abilities.

The big challenge with Halo 4's multiplayer, though, is that the earlier games in the series established a certain gameplay formula. It falls to 343 to maintain that formula to some degree to please long-term fans while also innovating enough to keep things fresh. The video provides a look at the many changes that the team has introduced, many of which build on existing features. For example, the new Flood mode is a modified version of the old Infection mode.

Halo 4 will arrive worldwide on November 6th. The Spartan Ops missions will be released on a weekly basis after the game's launch.

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