Halo 4 owners will find a new batch of free DLC waiting for them on Xbox Live today. 343 Industries has released "Artifact," the second episode of the shooter's Spartan Ops mode.

The second episode revolves around the mysterious artifact that the UNSC Infinity's crew recovered at the outset of the campaign. After the relic is brought onboard the Infinity, tries to assume control over the ship's systems. The Spartan squads race to find a way to deactivate the artifact before any permanent damage can be done.

Spartan Ops is a campaign that runs parallel to the events of Master Chief's new adventure. Players can head into battle alone or with up to three other players. They'll control custom Spartan soldiers that can be upgraded over time with new equipment and abilities. These soldiers can be used in the competitive multiplayer as well.

Each episode contains five missions. The entire campaign will be 10 episodes. It seems like 343 Industries is planning to release them on a weekly basis.

For a closer look at Episode Two, check out the trailer released last week.

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