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Halo: Reach and Halo 4's multiplayer were criticized by fans for being too close to Call Of Duty. 343 Industries suggested this week that they're going to change that with Halo 5.

The Halo 5 beta trailer released during E3 said the game has "arena multiplayer." Design director Brad Welch took to Twitter to explain what this means:
Reach and Halo 4 introduced customization options that dramatically changed a player's role on the battlefield. Reach marked the debut of Armor Abilities, which were rechargeable powers such as a cloak or jet pack. Halo 4 made loadouts even more detailed by allowing players to earn and equip passive bonuses like extra ammo or unlimited sprint.

This RPG-like progression is common among multiplayer shooters now. Giving players a long list of unlockables has proven to be an effective way to hold their attention. Still, the downside with centering your multiplayer around loadouts and unlocks is that you're skewing the game toward people who have invested time in leveling up. Players' chance of success is determined by the equipment and abilities they chose before they even stepped on the battlefield.

Welch's tweets suggest that Halo 5 will be taking a step back from the level of customization seen in the past two Halo games. I don't doubt that there are still some unlockables. However, we're probably going to see a renewed emphasis on finding gear and powerups on the battlefield rather than in your loadout screen.

Unfortunately, we won't get any further clarification for awhile. Welch noticed the huge amount of attention his tweets were getting and decided to stop spilling the beans: Halo 5's multiplayer beta will kick off in December of this year. Access will be included with the Halo: Master Chief Collection, a bundle of the first four Master Chief games remastered for the Xbox One. The Master Chief Collection will hit stores on November 11th.

Should Halo 5 bring back Armor Abilities?

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