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Halo 5 TV Commercial Claims Master Chief Is Dead

Part of the promotional campaign for Halo 5 is a series of live-action trailers that Microsoft and 343 Industries has been using to hype the game up. The latest live-action commercial for the game has ONI claiming that the Master Chief, John-117, is dead.

The TV spot was posted over on the Xbox YouTube channel. It's a short minute long trailer that you can check out below.

Most of the people who have read the novels already know that the trailer above is ONI spreading propaganda. Why? Because the UNSC was never supposed to state that a Spartan “died” on the battlefield. They were always labeled as “missing in action”. It was a morale tactic to give soldiers hope that the Covenant could never kill a Spartan in combat and that by putting “MIA” for their status instead of “KIA”, it would give the troops the impression that the Spartan could return some time down the road.

Funnily enough, on a few occasions the “MIA” tactic was actually true. Some of the Spartans did go missing in action but eventually made a return to combat, including Kelly, Sam, Linda and John.

Some of the people who haven't read the books are likely confused about the trailer above but that probably just adds to the intrigue.

Halo 5 will play heavily on the themes of abandonment and treason. The game will feature two separate campaign modes, one of which includes Agent Locke who gets upgraded to Spartan status and the other featuring Blue Team, led by the Master Chief.

The game is said to be twice as long as the campaign of Halo 4, presumably since you'll be playing through the perspective of two different groups.

The dual campaign is a give and take scenario, however. The game will allow up to four players to cooperatively play through the campaign together but this outing does not allow for the standard split-screen features that all the previous games had.

The lack of split-screen in Halo 5 had a lot of long time fans thoroughly disappointed with the game before it even launched. Microsoft and 343 cited reasons of attempting to attain maximum quality for the game's graphics as part of the reason that the feature had to be removed, but Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, also cited that more people just prefer playing online, which is why the feature was removed.

The big question is will the lack of some features and the inclusion of the dual campaign be able to compensate for it?

Microsoft also has big plans for the game in the e-sports arena so even if the game loses some face with the co-op crowd who were really hoping that split-screen would be returning, they'll attempt to make up for it with a big pot for a tournament in Halo 5 later this year.

Halo 5 is due for launch on October 27th exclusively for the Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.