A new behind-the-scenes video was released for Halo: Anniversary featuring things like the new stereoscopic 3D for the game, how 343 ran into a little trouble tampering with Master Chief’s armor, as well as the addition of Skulls to the revamped campaign mode.

To be completely honest, the original Halo: Combat Evolved had one of the best first-person shooter campaigns of all time. I replayed the campaign countless times because it was a really seamless, streamlined experience. The open-canvas style gameplay and pseudo non-linear map designs really helped immerse players into the campaign and explore the interactive world.

The following video covers a lot of the stuff that should interest fans of the iconic FPS series and it definitely gives consumers a reason to be amped up for its release next month.

If you’re done drooling, there are a few things that kind of strike me as odd. For one thing, the graphics for some of the objects and characters weren’t all that distinguishable between the original Xbox game and the Xbox 360 remake. I don't know if it's a testament to the original big black box's horsepower or lack of a generational jump between the hardware. For instance, the Pelican and a few of the interior shots on the Pillar of Autumn didn’t really showcase the transition from old-gen to new-gen very well, and Master Chief just looks like he’s had a texture redo and not really a new-gen upscale. But then again, maybe it was just the video and it all looks different when you’re actually playing.

I do like that they built the Anniversary Edition on top of the original Halo: CE engine as opposed to redoing the whole thing. Fans will more than likely appreciate such a savvy move from 343 Industries.

You can look for Halo: Anniversary Edition to launch on November 15th exclusively for the Xbox 360. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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