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The video is a few months old but not everyone has seen it yet. It comes at a right proper time just before Microsoft unveils something Halo related tomorrow during their E3 2014 press conference.

The video was made by YouTube user Yasushiro CIJ and combines a lot of still images made to represent the iconic intro from the Japanese anime Attack on Titan, a very popular series about young people fighting against giant, violent, naked titans. Yeah it is and isn't what you might be expecting, but if you're squeamish when it comes to blood, guts and mutilation, I would suggest you steer clear, because it's basically a medieval sci-fi version of Saving Private Ryan with giants.

As for this particular machinima... the video's resurgence couldn't have come at a better time, as Microsoft aims to sweep some of the negative media about the Xbox One and the poor sales perception under a carpet like a kid tasked with sweeping up a dusty wooden floor on a fun-begging Saturday afternoon.

In addition to this, the video above was also used in another machinima by YouTube user J80Kar who fleshed out a bit of a story revolving around the images you see in the Halo Attack on Titan trailer. Check it out in the video below.

The anime's popularity isn't just limited to Halo fanfare. The show was also used for a Titanfall machinima that also gained quite a bit of traction not too long ago.

These sort of Microsoft-centric properties being used in machinima is probably a sigh of a relief, especially following on that YouTube scandal involving the Machinima network that had gamers peeved, pissed and provoked at feeling taken advantage of from common YouTube users.

Going into and coming out of E3, Microsoft is probably dearly hoping that properties like Halo will help turn around the conversation regarding the Xbox One – mostly that people will finally stop ragging on it after all those missteps in 2013, and that maybe news about the dying system will help pump some much-needed life into its marketing presence.

As for the machinima involving Halo and Attack on Titan... I'm thinking it's pretty darn cool. Does it make me like Halo more? Not really. Am I at least excited about the possibility of a Halo: Master Chief Collection being announced at E3? Yeah, because the Xbox One doesn't have any games and that's something I might consider buying.

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