From the minds that helped bring animated classics to life such as The Iron Giant, Aladdin, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Princess Mononoke, comes an interesting and hilarious adventure-platforming-racing game called Harold. Players take control of a guardian angel whose job is to help the unlikely, lanky, nerdy Harold win races using some odd tactics and heavenly powers to overcome multiple challenges and obstacles across dangerous locations.

Reading through the description of the game certainly didn't help convince me that the game could be good. However, it was after seeing Harold in action that I realized that the game just might work. It's an interesting and unique side-scrolling platformer from Moon Spider Studio and after watching the debut trailer, you just might be convinced that it's a game worth keeping your eye on. Check it out below.

As shown in the video, players will command the guardian angel to help Harold win races across a variety of ludicrously dangerous tracks and against competently fit opponents. It amazes me how even with help Harold is just barely making it through some of those contraptions, so it most certainly leaves you questioning how much HGH those other competitors were chugging down to make it through half those traps?

Loris Malek, President of the Moon Spider Studio commented in the press release, saying...
“We have a fantastic team here at Moon Spider Studio and all I want to do is make good games,”...“We’ve assembled some of the most talented artists, designers and programmers from inside and outside of the video game industry, each with incredible pedigrees. We’ve been working on Harold for a while now and we can’t wait to finally show our creation to the world.”

Well, Harold looks good...the game, anyway. The character looks like he was caricatured from Revenge of the Nerds. Nevertheless, the game could be a ton of a fun when it releases next year for home consoles and PC.

Moon Spider will be showing the game off at PAX Prime at booth #129 in Seattle, Washington between August 31st and September 2nd. For further information on the game, feel free to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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