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Heist: One Of The Coolest Looking Games You'll Never Play

Trapdoor Studio, the minds behind the EA partnership indie title, Warp, let loose a tech demo for the upcoming game, Heist. It gives players a very brief look at the tech powering the game what the gameplay would have been like had it not been cancelled.

The news comes courtesy of NowGamer, where a video of the gameplay shows off some really neat features in a 3D, side-scrolling environment. It's literally a game we don't get to play at all and would have been awesome had it been completed.

It's also absolutely ridiculous that a game like this didn't show up at E3. Gamers have been clamoring for more unique experiences and I'm sure this would have picked up quite a bit of interest if it was showcased during one of the big three's press conferences.

Such a shame because that looked amazing. It's tough to tell if that was devkit demo footage or if the game was running in realtime on the actual hardware, but it was still cool nonetheless. The project supposedly had the following description in the video...

"This is a demo we developed in early 2011, the game was destined for XBLA/PSN/PC," .... "We wanted to make a side scrolling game about stealing stuff/cool gadgets. We took it further but eventually cancelled the project. What you see is running in Unreal."

Oh well, I guess it's time for Trapdoor to move out of the publisher dependent mode and perhaps take this game to Kickstarter/Indiegogo? I'd love to see a game like this land on the market. Amongst all the shooters this would be a real breath of fresh air.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.