There aren't a lot of new helicopter action games on the market and Ubisoft is trying to change that. They're working on a downloadable game called Thunder Wolves that will arrive in the first quarter of 2013.

The titular "Thunder Wolves" is a group of battle-hardened helicopter pilots. Players will join up with them in their attempts to fight global terrorism. They'll perform escort, deployment and assault missions. A second player can jump in and control the chopper's guns.

Helicopter customization is a key part of the game. As they progress through the campaign, players can gain new weapons and equipment to upgrade their chopper. Ubisoft says there are over "30 combinations of choppers and weaponry."

The first screenshots and trailer are below. They highlight one of the most interesting features fo the game: destructible environments. It wouldn't be fun to pilot a helicopter if you couldn't tear up the countryside with it, right?

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