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According to a recent interview with Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka, the first-person dungeon diver known as Hellraid has not, in fact, been canceled.

In a rather lengthy and informative interview with The Telegraph, Marchewka tackles everything from Techland’s smash hit, Dying Light to future plans for the Hellraid series.

You wouldn’t be blamed if Hellraid isn’t ringing any huge bells. The game was originally announced about three years ago and, following a couple of delays, Techland decided to put the project on hold. Given the game’s seemingly rocky development, many simply assumed that Hellraid had been shelved permanently.

In the meantime, Techland launched the fantastic first-person zombie brawler known as Dying Light in 2015, rolled out a bunch of extra content throughout the past year and, just a few weeks ago, launched an expansion called The Following, which basically doubled the in-game content.

Again, with Dying Light being such a success, it’s easy to imagine that Hellraid was being pushed off to the side and forgotten.

That’s not the case, according to Marchewka. In fact, he said in the Telegraph interview that the studio still has big plans for the game. There’s already a mobile game tie-in available and, as was reported quite a while back, Nathan Drake (along with about a billion other roles) voice actor Nolan North was providing the talent for the protagonist.

In the interview, Marchewka claims that Hellraid was deep into development in some areas and that the game had to be put on hold because they had “bigger plans for this game.” He goes on to add “but it’s not cancelled.”

That’s a relief, as everything we saw on Hellraid made it look something like a first-person Dungeons and Dragons crossed with, well, Dying Light. Instead of guns, zombies and open rooftops, though, you’ll be exploring grimy dungeons and battling enemies like skeletons and horned beasts with giant axes, swords and the like.

But since Dying Light did so well, it seems like the next logical step would be to get to work on a sequel. Then again, maybe Techland has reached a point where they can handle two larger projects at the same time. What we really want to know is, if it’s not cancelled, when might we finally be able to get our hands on Hellraid? Convention center is just around the corner and, though this is just wishful thinking, that seems like a great opportunity to rebuild hype for the game.

Either way, we look forward to hearing more from Marchewka when he and the studio are ready to share.

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