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Blizzard will be letting thousands of additional players into Heroes of the Storm's alpha test soon. Some of the invitations will be given out by current testers.

If you still don't have access to the alpha, head to the Heroes of the Storm Facebook page and sign up through the "Bring Your Friends to the Brawl" app. You'll need to supply your name, account's email address, and country. Blizzard will give out alpha keys to 4,000 gamers who sign up through this app.

Should you have every friends who are already in the alpha, nag them to keep leveling. Any player who hits level 20 between October 7th and November 18th will be entered into a random drawing. The thousands of level 20 players chosen will be able to invite all of their Battle Tag and Real ID friends to the alpha. Access will be given to their friends on November 15th or later.

You'd expect the testers eligible for this drawing to simply friend as many people as possible. This would ensure a huge number of invites are sent out once the winners are chosen. It's the sort of mass effort you could imagine being organized on Reddit or some other forum. However, Blizzard already anticipated this. Only Battle Tag and Real ID friends added to a player's list before October 16th are eligible for these invites. Womp womp.

As always, players can opt into the Heroes of the Storm alpha through the Beta Profile Settings on their account. This won't guarantee an invite but Blizzard strongly recommends it all the same.

"Our main source of inviting players to test Heroes of the Storm is still from those people you have signed up at, so to maximize your chance of getting in, we strongly encourage you to sign up there and also participate in this promotion via the ‘Bring Your Friends to the Brawl’ app to increase your chances of getting access to the Technical Alpha."

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA starring characters from various Blizzard games including World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. The player controls one of these characters and uses their unique abilities to help their team win objective-based matches.

The game is free-to-play with optional real-money purchases. For example, players can choose from a rotating set of playable characters for free or spend money to permanently unlock certain heroes. Mounts and skins for their characters are also on sale.

These purchases have been available throughout the alpha. Blizzard wiped all transactions from testers' accounts at the start of the current, final phase of the alpha. They refunded all money as credit to these players' accounts. Anyone who spent real-world money during the alpha will receive the colorful Wonder Billie mount.

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