With a final push in the wee hours of its deadline, Hiro Fodder, an underdog indie title about an underdog hero who must rise to the occasion and save his people, has met and surpassed its Kickstarter goal. Bravo gamers, it looks like 16-bit style nostalgia lives on.

The game takes the style and appeal of games that helped shape a generation during the 90s, such as Final Fantasy VI, which was the pinnacle of turn-based role-playing games during the 16-bit era. Hiro Fodder follows a young blue slime who sets out to save his people from certain destruction, his name? Hiro.

The little blue wonder is accompanied by a few other unlikely comrades who face impossible odds, comical mischief and plenty of opportunities to express and explore their heroism.

The game is mostly about the role-playing grind of having fun, getting attached to the characters via playing the game the way you want, and leveling up teammates as you see fit. I really miss that kind of pseudo-micromanagement in RPGs, which seem to be a lot more linear these days (aside from Elder Scrolls games of course).

The game will also sport the random battle encounters, which was very prevalent during the acclivity of SNES and Sega RPGs. Custom tilesets, original music, fully animated characters and dynamic spell effects also help round out the gameplay experience.

Hiro Fodder is expected to be delivered for PC and Xbox within eight months of the Kickstarter completion goal. So the wait won't be that long.

With EA's Origin offering a 90-day waiver on distribution fees for all crowd-sourced games, I imagine it won't be surprising to see Hiro Fodder end up there along with making an appearance on Steam and all the other usual places where you can purchase indie games...wherever that may be.

Anyways, you can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Kickstarter Page.

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