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When Hitman: Absolution hits stores, it will be available in two flavors: Standard and Professional Edition. The Professional Edition is a bit more expensive but comes with a number of extras.

The Professional Edition comes in a special clamshell box. Inside this package, you'll find a behind-the-scenes DVD as well as a hardcover art book - common components of any limited edition. The Professional Edition also provides you with access to an Agency Gun Pack, with the following in-game weapons:
  • Jagd P22G - A modern top-tier pistol
  • HX UMP - Powerful high-caliber SMG
  • SPS 12 - A brutal semi-automatic shotgun
Nope, no Agent 47 sculpture or replica Silverballers. They opted for a less crazy CE, which should translate to a lower price tag. There was no mention of the price today, though.

Absolution is said to be a more "personal" Hitman game than previous entries in the series. Legendary assassin Agent 47 has been betrayed by the Agency. He must fend off the police and criminals alike in his quest for redemption.

Square Enix expects to release Absolution sometime this year.

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