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The folks behind “Honest Game Trailer” have decided to set their sights on the Metal Gear Solid series, the result of which are mostly accurate and extremely entertaining jabs at one of the most beloved series in games history.

Before you run away screaming out of fear of spoilers for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you can rest easy in knowing that nothing of that nature will be found in this most recent Honest Game Trailer. As the video’s title points out, this is an Honest Trailer for Metal Gear Solid, and pokes fun at the series as a whole rather than settling on a single game.

I may be a starry-eyed fan of all things Metal Gear, but even I can’t pretend that this most recent Honest Trailer doesn’t hit the nail on the head multiple times over. That’s part of the fun of this particular video series; it can be fun to laugh at the things we love. It’s kind of like when a cool celebrity is willing to go on Saturday Night Live and do a skit parodying themselves.

I think one of the best parts of the video is actually a couple of the opening lines.
From the developer that fired everyone who made their classic franchises comes the game series that’s named after three random, cool-sounding words in a row: Metal Gear Solid.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised a few more shots weren’t taken at Konami, seeing as how the publisher’s treatment of employees, including director Hideo Kojima, has been a hot topic for the past several months. Then again, why dwell on something like that when what we’re here to do is celebrate Metal Gear? And by “celebrate,” I of course mean treat to a three-minute roast.

The one comment that made me mentally shout “I disagree!” pertained to the series’ controls. “The controls are fantastic,” I argued to nobody in particular. “They allow you to do so many different things simply by pressing, like, three buttons while simultaneously swiveling the thumbstick and—Oh, yeah, maybe you’re right.”

From the insane bosses to the overly convoluted story and the series’ focus on moments both serious and ridiculous, this Honest Trailer touches on pretty much all of Metal Gears’ quirks. Pretty much every game in the series includes at least one poop joke, so you know that even Kojima and his team aren’t taking things too seriously.

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