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Ubisoft recently released a new promotional trailer for For Honor, their melee-focused hack-and-slash game due out for release for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The trailer was released during this year's Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan and it features the samurai, classified in the game as “The Oni”.

The trailer went live over on Ubisoft's blog, but you can check it out below.

Visually, this is some really striking imagery. The movements, sword swings and posture of the character seem to have been captured, cleaned up, implemented and executed with a lot of care. We're finally starting to see new-gen tech come into play where procedural animation blending and lossless capture are standing front and center when it comes to a game's presentation. Well, that's assuming Ubisoft sticks with what we're seeing in the trailer above and it doesn't perform an infamous downgrade that we've seen with many of their other games in the past, such as Watchdogs and the upcoming title The Division.

Nevertheless, The Oni in For Honor weren't showcased during this past year's E3 when the game debuted, but Ubisoft did promise to show them off as soon as they were ready. It came a little late but it's fitting that the honorable Japanese warrior made the debut during Ubisoft's presence at this year's Tokyo Game Show, which felt a lot bigger and more pronounced than last year's show.

Additionally, we also get to see how some of the kill moves play out by the samurai in For Honor and it's a lot sleeker and cleaner than the more rough and tumble antics of the vikings and the more utilitarian fighting from the knights.

I do wonder exactly how well the characters will play against each other? Will it be as dynamic and diverse as the fighting in Bushido Blade? Or will it be a bit more goofy and unwieldy as Mount & Blade where people are swinging around wildly? For the most part, what we've seen from the E3 footage and GamesCom the title has very technical back and forth, block, parrying and evasive maneuvers for players to utilize during combat. I'm sincerely hoping that there's going to be a strong reliance on skill and timing rather than just players button mashing.

Based on how it looked at E3 it appeared as combos will require a lot of skill to pull off successfully and curb-stomping opponents with cheap moves like in Dynasty Warriors appears to be completely off the table. Anyone who played Dynasty Warriors Online's PvP knows exactly what I'm talking about.

We'll see how well Ubisoft brings it all together when For Honor makes its debut on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC next year. It's one of the few new IPs that I'm genuinely looking forward to along with Horizon: Zero Dawn.
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