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Horizon: Zero Dawn was first showed off at E3 last year, leaving viewers in awe at something so extravagant and intricate. So it’s no surprise the open-world game is getting delayed. 

It seems the delay-bug has been going around lately, first Yooka-Laylee today and now Horizon: Zero Dawn. But of course, Horizon: Zero Dawn wouldn’t leave us without an extended trailer.


Given the kinds of open-world mechanics that were going into Horizon: Zero Dawn, fans don’t seem to be shocked the game got delayed. It actually seems more realistic that the game would release next rather than sometime this year. So an overly ambitious release date isn’t that hard of a blow when most everyone was expecting it. 

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, you’ll play as Aloy, a hunter and archer battling against gigantic robotic creatures in the quest for survival. It’s almost as if society became so advanced that technology itself took over the world—only this time it wasn’t skeletal-like metal humanoids created by Cyberdyne. And in doing so, Aloy survives in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangers today’s society could never fathom. 

I first saw Horizon: Zero Dawn at E3 last year and I was blown away by the concept. And It’s no surprise that so many games have been delaying lately, like No Man’s Sky and Yooka-Laylee, especially after Street Fighter V's recent rushed-release disaster. It’s hard for fans to get genuinely mad about it though because the reasoning for the delays are just so developers can iron out the game and make it as good as fans are expecting it to be. While it sucks we won’t be able to play the games sooner, it puts our minds at ease knowing when that moment of gameplay does finally come, we can expect something polished and primed for fans everywhere. 

For more information on Horizon: Zero Dawn, you can check out the official website

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