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If you’re interested in shutting the naysayers up about the PS3, perhaps you should be the one to create the killer game for the system. Your aspirations of working in the game industry could come true if you’d like to work for Fumito Ueda and Kenji Kaido’s internal Sony team. They’re currently building a new title for the PS3, and could use your help.

Listen, the only reason this is of any interest is the Shadow of the Colossus and ICO creators have a lonely screenshot up along with the request for resumes. So if you’re a designer, artist, animator, and a myriad other things that can be found at the official site…well, go ahead and send in your portfolio. This is the real deal; so submissions for the job require demo reels and professional portfolios, no hand drawn stick figures please.

Whatever the game is, we can’t wait to play it. Go to the official SCEI website here to see about applying for a position.

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