New Images For Call Of Cthulhu Game Are Stunning And Mysterious

Not too long ago, we received news that another game was being created within the Call Of Cthulhu storyline, simply titled Call Of Cthulhu: The Official Game. Today, the first images for the colorful RPG were released from Cyanide Studio and Chaosium, and they’re quite stunning.


In the game, players will take control of 1920’s detective Edward Pierce as he takes on the case of a mysterious death on the chillingly named Darkwater Island. And as it always seems to happen, one thing will lead to another until you’re falling into a situation far less than what you thought you were getting into.


The first time I played a Call Of Cthulhu game, it chugged on my little gaming laptop, but I was so invested I couldn’t put it down. I think my computer ended up freezing when I had almost reached the end and I lost all of my saved gameplay, so of course I didn’t attempt to play again. What I really enjoyed about these kinds of games was the mystery behind what the happenings in-game. I wanted to know why things were happening and that caused me to press on further into the gameplay. Isn’t that what a good game is supposed to do? To make you want to play?

If you ask me, I don’t think there are enough mystery games out there. From simple thrillers like Clue to more in-depth tales from Sherlock Holmes’ collection, there’s something enticing and refreshing about a good mystery. I feel like these kinds of games really make me think, try to organize thoughts in my head and analyze.

Call Of Cthulhu won’t be coming out until 2017, but hopefully we’ll be able to learn more as the year goes on.