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Nearly 23 full minutes of inFamous: Second Son has gone live for the PlayStation 4, featuring the entire intro gameplay sequence and a small glimpse at how the moral choices in the game will affect the outcome of the story, and whether or not you and Delsin Rowe take a trip down infamy lane.

The game looks pretty slick – actually, better than I had been anticipating. Of course, there's going to be some who go in comparing this video to the E3 2013 build, wondering if the downgrades are easily noticeable. Unfortunately, a comparison is next to nigh impossible given that the entire color tone has changed from the E3 build, along with the lighting setup.

It's become difficult to do a proper graphics comparison, but if you have a hard time judging whether or not certain artistic choices make a game look better or worse than before, I would like to easily attribute this to the quality of both versions of the game, opposite of some games like Watch Dogs, which just took a massive hit in its visual fidelity all the way around. Well, except for maybe those of you who can afford to bask in the glorious light of the PC Master Race.

As far as the gameplay goes... it's impossible to get a gauge on whether or not the AI has been improved since CES. What we do see is a pretty simple boss fight early on and we get to see how easy it is for Delsin to get around the environment.

Now I know this is probably a cardinal sin in the circles of the Troy Baker fangirl fanbase, but there were a few moments where what was happening on-screen was completely displaced from how Baker was providing the voice for Rowe. First time is when he's making the jump back to the mainland – and instead of sounding exasperated and a bit excited while making that big jump that would have had David Belle's heart thumping and his cajones shrinking into the corners of his jockstrap from pure fear, he just let's out a less-than-enthused response. He must make life-threatening jumps rather frequently on his slacker schedule. I'm not going to get too picky, though; that's the job of reviewers and Doritocrats.

Anyway, the rest of the game was pretty slick for what it was. I thought it was funny at the 16:50 mark Rowe exclaims “I didn't ask for this!” Sorry, son. You messed that up big time. The proper thing to have said was “I never asked for this...” all solemn and gravely like a guy who plays a saxophone but enjoys letting loose some tobacco puffs from a 20 year habitual practice... like Adam Jensen.

If you have inFamous: Second Son pre-ordered, it doesn't look like it's shaping up to be a disappointment. It's the PlayStation 4's first real AAA title since Killzone: Shadow Fall and to be honest, it doesn't have to be a big mover or seller because the PS4 is selling like human organs in Bulgaria's black market.

You can look for the game to drop at the end of the month, or you can pay a kind visit to the official website for more info.
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