Watch Dogs Only 960p On Xbox One, 4K On PC; Graphics Heavily Downgraded

I don't know how legit this is, but it's being reported that at a recent Ubisoft press conference it was revealed that Watch Dogs will run at 960p on the Xbox, native 1080p on the PlayStation 4 and it will be up to 4K on PC. PC for the win.

According to Arab Gamer, Ubisoft revealed that the Xbox One will only be able to handle Watch Dogs at 1440 × 960 progressive scan, while the PlayStation 4 will be rocking full 1080p, full HD. That's a difference of 691,200 pixels. Yikes.

Still, that is a slight step up from what was originally rumored – though the rumor was still pretty close – that stated that the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs would be relegated to the poor man's HD at 1440 x 900p even.

However, none of that can hold a freaking candle to the schlong-to-the-knees HD resolutions offered by the true Glorious PC Master Race. I mean, 4K resolution? That's insane. Arab Gamer writes...

“Needless to say the PC version will be the ultimate version as Ubisoft partnered with Nvidia to take advantage of cool features such as ambient occlusion. Of course when it comes to PC the framerate will depend a lot on GPU though chances are if the game is running on a GTX you should be able to get 60 fps on 1080p. “

Of course, while the official listing of the PC version's frame-rate is listed as “variable”, keep in mind that PC gamers have the ability to unlock the frame-rate for 60 glorious frames per second. That's twice the smoothness, twice the quality, twice the artistic integrity, twice the sex as the PS4 and Xbox One version. In fact, if all three versions were relationships, the PS4 would be the happily married version, the Xbox One would be the miserable marriage with juddering and always on the verge of filing for divorce, and the Glorious PC Master Race version would be that flashy, awesome, beautiful, single young adult who gets whoever they want and gets to have fun and look good while doing it.

In other words, don't support bad relationships. Be young, beautiful and single.

This news follow on the official release date for Watch Dogs, which went live earlier today along with a trailer that finally adds some context and coherency to Watch Dogs. I don't think the awesome new trailer will make up for the piss-poor resolution and downgraded graphics that the game suffered.

Oh you didn't hear? Yeah, well DSO Gaming did a breakdown comparison between Watch Dogs at E3 and Watch Dogs in the recent trailers and play-throughs, and they realized that Watch Dogs has undergone a Forzaning. You don't know what that is? Well, it's when a game is running on high-end PCs at E3 and then gets downgraded to look like dog food at retail.

In the case of Ubisoft's upcoming hack-tion title, Watch Dogs has lost a lot of its real-time lighting, directional shadow casting, reflections, and just about all of the post-processing and environmental effects from the E3 build. You should really check out the DSO Gaming article to see just how badly it's been downgraded on consoles.

Also, check out the difference between the recent play-through of Watch Dogs on a PS4 compared to the E3 2012 presentation, in the gif below. It's unsightly.

For anyone not playing at glorious 4K... enjoy the bad marriage and dog food come May 27th.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.