Warner Bros. unveiled the box art for Injustice: Gods Among Us today. The DC Comics' fighting game's cover, not surprisingly, depicts a duel between DC's two most popular characters.

The centerpiece of the box art is a fight between Batman and Superman. Green Arrow had the misfortune of being caught between the two and is down for the count. WB confirmed Green Arrow's inclusion in the game yesterday with a trailer.

The box art also has headshots of five characters: Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Joker, The Flash and Green Lantern. This is the first official confirmation that the Joker and Green Lantern will be playable in the game. Their inclusion is hardly a shock, though, considering how popular those characters are.

Injustice depicts a civil war between the various super villains and super heroes of the DC universe. Batman and Superman appear to be the leaders of these opposing sides. I'm interested to see which character sides with which faction.

Putting Joker front and center on the cover is an intriguing move. Presumably WB did that to capitalize on the huge popularity of the recent Batman movies. It's possible, though, that Joker will also play a big role in this game's story.

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