Aksys Games announced today that the new dungeon-crawling RPG for the PSP is currently available on UMD or digital download via the PlayStation Network. In Jikandia gamers will be able to raid dungeons while attempting to thwart invading hordes of unspeakable evil, with the catch being that players get to choose the time limit that they spend in said dungeons, which unlocks all sorts of cool alternatives.

The time limit doesn’t just determine how much time you spend in the dungeon but the longer you spend in a dungeon the more chances become available to retrieve rare, epic and legendary items. Of course, with extended time limits comes harder monsters, additional traps and difficult boss encounters. So there are equal risks for greater rewards.

You can check out some of the game features below or pick up a copy from the Official Website. Jikandia: The Timeless Land is available for only $29.99, exclusively for the PSP.


• Set your own time limit: Take control of the clock and play at your own pace. You can spend as little as three minutes on a quick speed-run, or up to half an hour scouring a dungeon for rare treasure.

• Unlock story events: Play through the game multiple times to unlock additional events. Since the layout and size of each dungeon changes depending on the time set by the player, it’s possible for the player to never have to explore the same dungeon twice.

• 4-player Coliseum mode: Up to four players can enjoy Jikandia together using the PSP® system’s ad-hoc mode. Challenge other players in a wide variety of settings to determine who will emerge from battle victorious.

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