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Braid creator Jonathan Blow revealed some concept art for his next game The Witness. It's the first ever look at the project, described as a "exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island."

"For The Witness, I wanted to develop a graphical style that values simplicity. It would be suited to mellower environments, with both indoor and outdoor settings," said Blow on the game's new development blog. "Some kind of global illumination solution seemed like the right idea here. (Global illumination is when you simulate light bouncing around in a scene; the resulting look is usually much richer and subtler than the direct lighting that games usually do.)"

Accompanying the colorful concept art are some rendered shots. You might think the pictures look like shit, and you would not be incorrect in your assessment. However, Blow states that the textures and geometry seen in the shots are placeholders. "As with Braid, we are using rough-draft versions of all these things while the core gameplay is built. Bloggers, these are not to be considered screenshots of the game. They aren’t supposed to look good yet — they are just supposed to show the precomputed lighting."

Witness is expected in late 2011 for multiple platforms.

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