thatgamecompany provided more details on the upcoming Collector's Edition of PSN adventure Journey. The bundle, which also comes with Flow and Flower, will offer a whole lot of bonus content for fans of thatgamecompany's work.

The Journey Collector's Edition contains creator commentary on all three games. Journey is the subject of a 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary in the bundle. Concept art, screenshots, developer diaries and original soundtracks for the games are also included.

thatgamecompany also threw in three exclusive minigames. They were created by TGC during their traditional 24 hour Game Jams. The team built each game from scratch in the span of a day. This CE is the first time that the general public will get to experience them.

The Journey CE will arrive in North America on August 28th. It's priced at $30. To ensure that you agree with the price, TGC tossed in some dynamic themes, PSN Avatars, and a 30-day pass for PlayStation Plus.

This is the first time that TGC is releasing a boxed product to stores. Their games are really designed for PSN: they're short, experimental, and don't fit into tidy categories. They've had a lot of commercial and critical success with these downloadable titles. A retail release should give these titles a lot more exposure, though.

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