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Avalanche Studios and Square Enix finally released the first full gameplay reveal trailer for Just Cause 3 and it's the perfect marriage of explosive in-game play with cinematic quality effects. The trailer left no one disappointed and has gamers begging for more. You can check it out below.
The third game in the popular open-world action series sees the return of Rico Rodriguez, heading to another coastal island where a dictator must be overthrown by any means necessary; this includes using helicopters to swing jeeps into statues, or surfing on top of the cockpit of a fighter jet while riding it into an oil rig, or dangling from the bottom of a helicopter while dual-wielding machine guns.

The trailer doesn't linger much on any single scene for too long. Gamers will have to glean from a number of different, quickly edited shots to gather any sort of notable context from the footage. For instance, the scene where Rico powerslides through a field of flowers probably seems cool thematically, but it also shows off a bit of the technological advancements Avalanche Studios has made with Just Cause 3, allowing for physics-based foliage to have an effect when players apply a certain amount of weight to the area.

Another interesting scene is the bus flipping after being attached to the zip-cord – that's a brilliant little piece of footage that gives gamers some context on how the physics systems work when it comes to vehicular collisions, flipping and using the grapple hook to get them to defy gravity. It looked like something out of a Fast & Furious movie. All the additional particle effects that came trailing behind it was also a nice touch.

Speaking of the vehicles... the upgraded handling and driving – from what was showcased in the trailer – looks really good. The cars appear to have slightly more appropriate weight distribution when moving and turning as opposed to the stiff, cardboard box-like handling for the cars in the original Just Cause and in Just Cause 2.

The rest of the trailer is a collage of expertly choreographed explosions that really help sell the game's destructive appeal. It should come as no surprise that Avalanche Studios actually mirrored the game's explosions after Michael Bay's Transformers films. No joke. They felt that the explosions captured exactly what they wanted out of Just Cause 3, as revealed during a sit-down panel discussion at PAX East this year.

The game will contain more than just explosions, though. Players will be able to venture around the vast open world, commandeer vehicles that range from motorcycles and jeeps to boats and fighter jets, with plenty of other vehicles in between.

Just Cause 3 is set to release this holiday season for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Avalanche Studios is cutting it close by having Mad Max and Just Cause 3 release so close together, but the more open-world action games, the better.
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