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Ken Kutaragi Retires From Sony

In a move that will probably surprise absolutely no one, Ken Kutaragi, the mastermind of all things Playstation, has stepped down from all posts at Sony Computer Entertainment. Word is that he will still hold an advisory position, but he will not have any real decision making power.

This decision was long in the coming for Kutaragi, though, as last year after the Playstation 3 stumbled out of the gate he was relieved of his decision making power. Many believe that Kutaragi was being pressured to leave the company so that a new president could take over.

The sun has not shone favorably on Kutaragi’s back lately. He has been blamed for just about every failing the PS3 has had over the past 6 months and maybe rightly so. However, many seem to forget the amazing influence that Kutaragi has had on the industry. He was the brains behind the PS1 and PS2 gaming machines and it was mainly because of him that Sony has enjoyed a full decade of dominance over the console market.

Sure he was well known as the guy who would often go off on tirades about 4 dimensional gaming and “Emotion Engines” but perhaps it’s time to give the man a break and celebrate his positive influence on gaming and his debatably positive impact on our wallets.