A few websites have already started rolling out their top lists of 2009 and, so far, it looks like one of the most hyped – if not the most hyped – game of 2009 won’t be making a lot of the cuts. Now I suppose if the list consists solely of shooter games and involves more than five spaces, there might be room for KillZone 2, but in the general categories, it’s not looking so good.

Peter Ha and Lev Grossman of Techland compiled their top list of 2009 for games, and they even admit that KillZone 2 wasn’t going to make the cut.

Even gaming blogs like Press Start already put up their top list of 2009 and KillZone 2 is no where to be seen.

So far, Games Radar already had the game penned as one of the best for the first half of 2009, before all the good games were released. Also, these are the same folk that run N4G and it would have been blasphemous if a subsidiary had a top list on the aggregator and didn’t include the holy grail of shooter games for PS3 fanboys.

So what does this tell us about Guerrilla Games' financially expensive, extremely technical and very good looking KillZone 2, so far? Well, it looks like it’s not going to be making it onto a lot of “best of” or “top 10” lists unless a lot of sites mirror Games Radar to keep a certain kind of group happy.

It’s just funny that one of the most talked about, big-budgeted and over-promoted games of the year will probably fall short of a lot of GOTY list. Then again, I guess there’s always Uncharted 2 to make up for where KillZone 2 failed, so it’s not too much of a loss for die-had PS3 fans.

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