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Iron Galaxy and Microsoft have been prepping gamers for the continued roll out of Season 3 content for Killer Instinct on PC and Xbox One by posting new trailers and info on the upcoming release of new characters. One of those characters includes Mira, the sister of Maya.

As you can see in the trailer above, spotted by Gamespot, Mira has a vampire themed motif going on, with a lot of scattered plate mail with sharp edges and jagged points highlighting the Gothic designs.

Mira has some interesting combos, with a black liquid that flies out as she hacks and slashes at her Killer Instinct opponents. One of the more interesting moves on display is a drill combo into an aerial grab that results in her biting her opponent. It's a beautiful shot as it slows down with her opponent in her arms and their neck up for grabs. Better yet is that the move – while executed as a way to dish out damage – plays out like some kind of elegant bit of aerial ballet.

It's a little difficult to get a full feeling of how well she'll play at the higher tier levels, but based on her normals, combos and chains, she seems like she would be perfect for entry level Killer Instinct players. She probably has a few other layered mechanics to her repertoire that might make her a little more difficult to play for some, but she doesn't appear to be anywhere near as complex a character (regarding play-style) as say, Hisako.

It's also a very distinct contrast in design from her sister Maya. There's obviously a lot of lore here between these two Killer Instinct pugilists that will likely be explored in Mira's arcade story mode.

Many of the commenters on the Gamespot page and YouTube video were excited about the new character. She seems to fit in quite well amongst all the other fighters, which is sometimes difficult for designers to do when a series is as established as Killer Instinct. In fact, I would say that Double Helix and Iron Galaxy managed to introduce new characters into the fighting series with a lot less backlash than some of the new characters that appeared in Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat X, some of whom were hit-or-miss in regards to integration and balance.

Mira will be joined later by General Raam from the original Gears of War. We can expect to see him likely make an appearance sometime around E3, which would be a great way to bolster the hype for Gears of War 4 and include the character in Killer Instinct. Raam will be yet another guest character from one of Microsoft's properties, with the first being the Arbiter from the Halo series.

And finally, Gargos is expected to release sometime in the summer as well, which should be an interesting addition to the mix. Later on in Season 3 there will also be the Shadow Lords challenge mode. No date has been set for that feature... yet.

In the meantime you can look for Mira to go live in Killer Instinct sometime before April is out.