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Much like other top-flight shooters, Killzone 2 will be getting downloadable content to keep people playing. Guerrilla Games managing director Herman Hulst revealed just what that DLC would be in last night's GameTrailers TV episode: a multiplayers map pack called "Steel and Titanium."

"Steel and Titanium" has two maps in total which feature the fans' favorite single-player settings. The first ("Titanium") will be set on the ISA attack cruiser "New Sun", with multiple decks allowing for a great deal of vertical combat. The second ("Steel") takes place on a pair of Helghast freight trains traveling at high speed alongside each other. Players hop back and forth between the trains and must avoid obstacles passing above or between the trains that could crush them. Unspecified new features will be released alongside these maps as well.

"Steel and Titanium" will be released by the end of April. Pricing wasn't revealed. Hulst promised that there's more maps on the way in the future. He mentioned that the title of the second map pack will include the word "Retro," which probably means that we'll see a remake of a Killzone 1 map.