What’s better than shooting your friends in online multiplayer? Shooting your friends in online multiplayer in new and exciting locations! And Killzone Shadow Fall players will have the opportunity to do exactly that as a pair of brand new maps get added to the game’s competitive multiplayer modes.

Killzone Shadow Fall may not have the most massive community, but I expect to see that number spike today as old players return to the battlefields of Vekta and Helghan in order to tackle the two latest combat locales, The Terminal and The Stormgracht. And, as is the case with all Shadow Fall maps, these locations will be added to your game at no additional charge. I’m a huge fan of this particular setup, as it does a good job of keeping a shooters community from becoming too fragmented. That sort of thing isn’t really a problem on games like Call of Duty or Battlefield but, if you aren’t one of the uuber shooters, it can become tricky to keep a few thousand players grouped together when you start releasing DLC that only part of the community is willing to buy.

So, what can we expect out of these two new maps? According to Killzone Community Manager, Victor Zuylen, the team at Gorilla Games have put together a pair of maps that will please fans of close-quarters and ranged combat. There’s also the added bonus of dynamic events, something Killzone has always been good about and I’d love to see more shooters adopt.

First up is The Terminal, a dark and metal-heavy structure dividing New Helghan from the shining metropolis of Vekta. This station doubles as one of the Helghasts’ prison structures and continues to operate to this day, which means players will need to be on the lookout for speeding trains. Remember kids, look both ways before crossing the street.

“With numerous platforms and floors to explore, this level will really test players’ navigational skills. Watch out for the precarious routes that line the train tracks themselves – these narrow ladders and staircases may be the key to your success or failure,” said Zuylen in the official reveal announcement. “Above and beyond all, beware the trains…Nothing that lays in their path will withstand their vicious velocity.”

While The Terminal is dark and gloomy, The Stormgracht is set outside and offers wide open spaces to fight across. It’s actually still kind of gloomy, though, as the Stormgracht serves as a sort of dumping ground for all manner of refuse, surrounded by a large facility and even boasting a couple of raised bridges. Once again, a dynamic event will make this particular map more entertaining for all players, as the environment itself can become more deadly than your enemies.

“Dominating the main central channel, the ancient spillway gates hold back a vast manmade reservoir, and can still be opened in order to flush the Stormgracht,” said Victor Zuylen. “The raging torrent that ensues will destroy anything and everyone in its path, unless safe ground can be reached either above water level or inside the Gracht’s walls.”
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