Fans of PlayStation 4 FPS Killzone Shadow Fall are likely already aware that a pair of brand new multiplayer maps were quietly released for the game just a couple of days ago. Now the developers at Guerrilla Games have broken the silence on the title's first major online update, the Insurgent Pack. The Insurgent Pack is due out this April and boasting a new class, new abilities, new weapons and skins and more.

First up, let's talk about those new maps that are now available for the game. Free to everyone, simply load up the PlayStation Network, head over to the DLC section, find the map pack and get to downloading. Guerrilla stated from the get-go that all online maps would be free for Shadow Fall and it looks like they're sticking to that promise. This is great news, as making sure everyone has access to the same maps helps keep the online community from fragmenting.

The Cruiser map, shown in the video at the top of this post, takes place on a derelict VSA cruiser hovering out in space. It's a more claustrophobic map, featuring plenty of narrow corridors, tight choke points and small rooms perfect for up close and personal shootouts. The second map, The Hangar, is shown in the video below and takes place in a large, more open mining spire. While The Cruiser is perfect for close-range battles, The Hangar is a sniper's paradise, full of open space and perfect perches.

While Shadow Fall maps are free, April's Insurgent Pack will set you back $9.99, or come included in the season pass. As the name implies, the first new addition found in the pack is the Insurgent class, a soldier who begins each battle with just a pistol and, using the Steal ability, can slowly expand his arsenal. Anything he swipes is his for the rest of the game. He can also use a Hack ability to turn enemy bots into friendlies.

Three new abilities for other classes will also be added in the Insurgent update, alongside a trio of brand new guns, including my all-time Killzone series favorite, the M82 assault rifle, a new SMG pistol and a new sniper rifle.

The DLC also includes a new “Elite Mode” for single player, offering up a tough-as-nails difficulty for those who like an insane challenge. Finally, the pack will also include some new skins, Spotlight moves, new Challenges and Trophies, and an online Collectibles mode for Insurgents that lets them hunt down additional points and goodies in crates at the start of each round.

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